Saturday, July 8, 2017

Color Mode Firmware Update for KinoFlo SELECT LED

Hello Everyone in Production Lighting Land... I've had a multitude of people ask about the Color Mode firmware for the new KinoFlo SELECT LED series of light fixtures.  If you were an early adopter of the SELECT LED system (like me), you probably got the firmware version known as the "White Light" Mode.  This was your basic bi-color mode with the added channel of green/magenta control.

The "Color Mode" update which you can download from here adds a wider color range (2500K - 9900K), plus Kino Flo preset gels (like sodium vapor, blue sky or chroma-green for example) and dial in control of hue and saturations to create precise colors.

To update the firmware in your Kino Flo SELECT 20/30 or DIVA LED 20/30 system, you'll need to download the zip file from here, have a PC computer with USB plug available and follow these instructions, step by step.  After doing so successfully, you'll be color mixing with your new Kino Flo LED's in no time at all!

Here is the beta color software 2.70 and flash programming tool for the Select LED’s and Diva-Lite LEDs.

First, download the zip file by clicking on this link.  Be patient!  This is a 48 Mb zip file!  

Then, unzip on a Windows PC and install
the Renesas_Flash_Programmer_Package_V20502.exe by double clicking.

Once installed you can go into the Flash6800232-PROD folder and double click on the Flash6800232-PROD.rws file.

For BETA COLOR software: Click the browse button to select the programming file "Flash6800232-BETA_COLOR-V2_70.srec" and press the Start button.


For official white mode only software: Click the browse button to select the programming file "Flash6800232-PROD-V2_03.srec" and press the Start button.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ARRI LED Lighting - Share the Passion Promo Video

ARRI will reach their 100th year as a manufacturer on September 12, 2017 and they've been letting everyone know about it!  In addition to this news, the demand for SkyPanel LED systems is nothing new, put this new promotional video spot ARRI recently released is.  It's a well produced, symbolic display of all the versatility one can achieve by way of using the SkyPanel LED system. 

Check this video clip out - It's certainly worth watching: ARRI Pure Creativity. Share the Passion.

And don't forget, if you want to rent the ARRI SkyPanel S60-C, all you have to do is comment below or email me.  I'll be happy to help! 

Keep on lighting...

ARRI 100 Years brough to you by

Monday, January 30, 2017

The K5600 Joker 1600W Caters to Today’s Breed of Location Productions

I wrote this blog back in November 2012 and it was originally posted on other websites.  There have been numerous accessory additions to the Joker 1600W system since then, so I'll be posting more soon, but for now, this is a great place to start if you're searching for a portable and powerful HMI system.  

K5600 Lighting, the leading manufacturer of compact and efficient HMI’s has done it once again with the all new Joker 1600W (aka 1.6K).  The Joker 1600 is truly taking the next step in the evolution of small HMI’s and more importantly, catering to the needs of today’s breed of location productions.  Since 800 ASA has essentially become the new 100 ASA in camera-speak, current camera technology has turned traditions on its ear in recent years.  Plus, ever since K5600 first introduced the Joker 200W in the early 90’s, location lighting systems were finally beginning to keep up.  A technological match made in heaven?  But it gets better.  Since MACCAM is the number one dealer for K56 Jokers in the country, we’ve been given the unique opportunity to bring to you what the Joker 1600 brings to the party… and I’m excited to shed some light on the details! (Sorry for the pun – I had to do it)

Optics – You now have more choices giving you more creative flexibility.  First off, the Joker 1600 is officially the Joker-Bug 1600W.  For all of you who know Jokers, this means what it always has.  The core functionality that makes these lights what they are is that it can be used as a Par, or it can be used as a bare-bulb “bug-lite” which is ideal for use with Chimera lightbanks, lanterns, etc. 
With the 1600, however, your “Par” options have now doubled.  The traditional Par Beamer, is what you’re going to opt for if you want to stick to the traditional 4-piece lens set that you’ve come to rely on with all preceding Jokers.  Additionally, there’s also the new exciting option called the ZOOM Beamer.  The ZOOM Beamer is K5600’s solution to using a high-efficiency HMI fixture with no lenses.  The faceted reflector projects an evenly distributed field of light that can be focused from 15° to 65°, freeing you from the need to change lenses to achieve various levels of intensity or beam patterns. 

To top it all off, you don’t have to choose between one Beamer or the other.  The “Beamer Kit” is available giving you the ability to travel with both Beamers with one kit putting you on easy street in flexibility city. 

Surprising Power Consumption – Less power draw, less location stress.  The flicker free electronic ballast included in the Joker 1600 kit not only has multiple frequency settings up to 300Hz, it is also dimmable to 50% by way of an on board dimmer and it’s also remarkably quiet allowing for “in-room” use. 

What’s more, the Joker 1600’s ballast will only pull 15 Amps on a 120V circuit, effectively taking you out of the “household circuit danger zone.”  Can you count how many stories you’ve heard about Edison plugs getting a bit “soft” on some 1800W and even older 1200W systems?  That’s what I thought.  So even though the Joker 1600 might cause you to have fewer stories of when your PA blew out a circuit, the 1600 will at least put one less gray hair on you head by giving you the same amount of output, or more in some cases, by simply requiring less juice.  *See photometric comparison chart at the end of this blog!

Transportation – No, no, no… I asked for a 1600!  Wait a minute… That is a 1600!  One of K5600’s trademarks is size.  Engineering has always been pushed to the max with Jokers to make them as physically small as possible.  The Joker 1600 is no exception.  But the size of the head unit is not the only thing that is compact about this system.  The entire kit, including the head, ballast, lenses, barndoor and more, all fit nice and neat inside the traditional white Joker road case, ready to travel by air or truck anytime.  The Joker 1600 kit is just slightly bigger than all the other kits, weighing in at 60 lbs. General kit dimensions are 20” Wide x 21” Tall x 13” Deep. 
Think about this for a minute: The Joker 1600 is the ONLY low-wattage / high-efficiency HMI on the market today that has the built-in capability of having all its necessary components travel in an aircraft grade case.  No other HMI system of this class can say the same thing.  That is unless milk crates one day become the standard for transporting HMI’s on airplanes.  I’m fairly certain that’s probably happened somewhere once before… There are always exceptions I suppose.  But until that day comes, the Joker 1600 has you covered.

But We’re Not Stopping There!  I could go on and on, but it’s fair to say that the Joker 1600 indeed solves a lot of today’s problems for today’s location productions for film, video and still photography.  Some of the other natural perks to K5600 HMI’s are of course these are full spectrum lamps, giving you true, absolute daylight color temperatures with none of the spectrum colors missing.  This of course has been a problem with some LED’s, but that’s another story. 
Jokers are of course tried and true, therefore making it a reliable and trustworthy tool in your lighting arsenal.  The Chimera Speed Ring that the Joker 1600 uses is the same as all the other Joker-Bug 200’s, 400’s and 800’s – The Chimera 9780AL.  This makes the Joker 1600 seamlessly blend into your Joker and Chimera inventory.  Common scrim sizes (9” for the Classic and 12” for the ZOOM) also make for simplicity in blending with your existing inventory. 

The Bottom Line.  The all new K5600 Joker 1600 is “MACCAM APPROVED” in my book.  It’s a solid system, bringing much needed solutions to lighting professionals and comes from a brand that has long been established for service and quality.  And, since MACCAM is the number one Joker dealer in the country, we can offer you the Joker 1600 and all the other Joker kits at amazing prices with our customer service to match.  Stop by our showroom where we always have Jokers in stock for you to check out and see for yourself! 

MACCAM Reports, You Decide.  All of us here at MACCAM will always be as balanced as possible when it comes to our research and testing of all the products we sell.  We believe that when you have the right information, you can make the right choice.  MACCAM independently tests photometrics on an even playing field for all light fixtures across the board.  No fudging numbers.  No manipulations in testing.  The same standard applies to all light fixtures, all brands, all technologies so that you can compare and make the best decision for your needs.  Plus, you can always come to the MACCAM showroom and see everything for yourself, first hand. 

*MACCAM Photometric Testing Standard (MPTS) = 100 ASA, 1/60th sec., 15 Ft., 100% power on ballast dimmer, listed alphabetically.

Lens / Beam Angle
Arri M18
Joker 1600 Classic
Joker 1600 ZOOM
Mole 1800 Par
F11 7/10
13.7 EV
F11 2/10
13.2 EV
F4 6/10
10.6 EV
11.0 EV
Medium Lens
14.0 EV
13.0 EV
Wide Lens
F8 2/10
12.2 EV
F5.6 5/10
11.5 EV
Super Wide Lens
F5.6 3/10
11.3 EV
F4.0 6/10
10.6 EV
Frosted Fresnel
F5.6 4/10
11.4 EV
F4.0 4/10
10.4 EV

Nick Zgradic, An Abridged Biography

This biography was also posted on my personal blog at back in 2013, but I thought it would be relevent to post here too.  

In 1998, Nick Zgradic began his career in motion picture lighting by landing an inside sales and operations position at a then, small lighting manufacturer in North Hollywood by the name of K5600 Lighting, Inc. There, Nick was exposed to HMI lighting technology through the vast lens of knowledge of Gilles Galerne, designer and engineer of the now industry standard Joker-Bug HMI lighting kits. It was here that Nick’s passions for technology, image making and business were awakened. It was also here that a solid commitment to customer satisfaction was instilled as a key element to the success of a business and a product.

1999 was the year that Nick picked up a 35mm Minolta camera for the second time (the first time being when he was a young boy, but didn’t know what to do with his dad’s Minolta camera) and immediately became enamored with creating editorial images of beauty, fashion and personal expression through the relationship that a photographer and model share. Every photograph in this portfolio of images was meticulously designed and thought through from a combined technical and emotional stand point. This lead to the absolute adherence of carefully positioned lighting and composition of models, elements, locations and effects. This near fanatical combination ushered in various exhibitions, publications and awarded accomplishments for many of the images he produced.

After nearly nine years of service at K5600 Lighting, Nick Zgradic resigned from his post there and founded a small lighting accessory business named Empire Sales & Service in 2006. Servicing primarily the motion picture lighting industry, Empire Sales & Service was a manufacturer and distributor of various lighting components, most notably stainless steel wire diffusion (scrims), apple boxes, barndoors and lens rings, sand, shot and scrim bags, custom cases, electrical connectors, cable assemblies, etc.

The years 2012-2013 brought about the development and launch of a unique studio lighting fixture by Nick Zgradic known as the SpaceBox.  The SpaceBox is touted as an "updated idea to a classic studio lighting solution," and has since been known as "the NEW space light" for the motion picture and television episodic / broadcast worlds.  The SpaceBox started of as a fluorescent system, and while remarkably efficient, like many other traditional production lighting tools, the SpaceBox has transitioned into an LED variant.  The SpaceBox LED is enjoying great success in both the sales and rental environments.

The Los Angeles Firm and SpaceBox Lighting Systems are both owned and operated by Nick Zgradic and both work through strategic professional relationships throughout the entertainment and industrial realms.

The future looks bright…  Particularly with the advent of the new Blogger pages coming soon designed to be a beacon of technical information for all of the latest LED lighting systems in the entertainment and industrial worlds.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay updated on how bright that future will indeed be!

Also be sure to visit the next time you need help with a broadcast studio lighting project for entertainment or industrial applications. We're here to help!

Learn all about the SpaceBox and SpaceBox Lighting Systems by visiting